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Contact Your Admissions Staff

Our admissions staff is here to help you

If you have any questions about the admissions process, feel free to contact any of our admissions staff listed below for help. We’re excited to help you become a member of the Lion Pride!

Dr. Shellie Hewitt
Dean of Admissions
Email: hewitt-s@mssu.edu

Kayla Monteleone
Director of Admissions Communications & Marketing
Phone: 417-625-9369
Email: monteleone-k@mssu.edu

Abby Bishop
Campus Visit Counselor
Email: bishop-a@mssu.edu

Brenna Barksdale
Administrative Assistant
Email: barksdale-b@mssu.edu

Admissions Processing & Communications

Tristan Routledge
Senior Coordinator of Admissions Operations & Communications
Phone: 417-625-3152
Email: routledge-t@mssu.edu

Leona Belk
Data Specialist
Phone: 417-625-9715
Email: Belk-L@mssu.edu


Kelsay Oliver
Processing & Data Specialist
Phone: 417-625-3098
Email: oliver-k@mssu.edu


International Admissions

Stacey Clay
International Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 417-625-3126
Email: Clay-S@mssu.edu

Stephanie Goad
International Admissions Counselor
Phone: 417-625-9372
Email: Goad-S@mssu.edu



Whitney Dunbar
Senior Coordinator of Regional Recruitment

Kansas City Metro, Northwest Missouri and parts of Kansas

Phone: 417-499-0059

Whitney Dunbar joined the admissions team in April 2015. She is regionally based in Blue Springs, Missouri, and works with students from the KC Metro area, Northwest Missouri and parts of Kansas.

Originally from Carl Junction, Missouri, Whitney graduated from MSSU in 2014 with a BSBA in Marketing & Management as well as an MSM-HR from MSSU in 2018. 

Whitney’s hobbies are crafting, traveling and going to the lake with friends and family.

“I love getting to know students and getting to hear all about their goals and dreams for college. It’s important to find a college that meets your needs, but also helps you reach your goals. I had an amazing experience at Missouri Southern as a student and got involved in everything I could: student clubs, intramurals, homecoming and completed a study abroad even! Missouri Southern offers such a welcoming environment and truly cares about seeing their students succeed. I had a great four years here and want to help others have the same experience!”

Jennifer Shaw
Admissions Counselor

Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma, Midwest Missouri, the Joplin Metro area and Southwest Missouri

Phone: 417-625-3573
Email: Shaw-j@mssu.edu

Jennifer Shaw joined the admissions team in November 2011. She works with students from Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma, Midwest Missouri, the Joplin Metro area and Southwest Missouri.

Originally from Carterville, Missouri, Jennifer graduated from MSSU in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in general studies and from the University of Central Missouri in 2015 with a Masters of Arts Degree in Communications. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Communication Studies at Regent University.

Jennifer’s hobbies include spending time with family, reading and crafting.

“I believe Missouri Southern is an amazing place to continue one’s education. With over 140 student-centered programs, MSSU has something for nearly everyone. I also believe students are the heartbeat of the university, and I love working with them from the initial stages of inquiry through, and sometimes beyond, graduation. MSSU prepares students to succeed not only in the classroom but in their lives.”

Torrence Baldwin
Regional Admissions Counselor

St. Louis, Northeast Missouri and Southeast Missouri

Phone: 314-474-7219
Email: Baldwin-T@mssu.edu

Torrence Baldwin joined the admissions team in January 2019. He works with students from St. Louis, Northeast Missouri and Southeast Missouri.

Originally from Chicago, Torrence graduated from Aurora University in 2016. He majored in Business Administration.

Torrence’s hobbies are going to the lake, reading, dancing and hanging out with friends.

“I believe it is a joy to inform students of a place where they can excel academically and prosper. I know MSSU produces exceptional doctors, lawyers, teachers and many more professionals, and I am proud to tell students from high school and college all about it.

“I know firsthand the college experience is an unforgettable one, and I believe Missouri Southern has and will meet every aspect of a student’s needs on their journey of success.”

Ashlyn Bradley
Regional Admissions Counselor

Springfield Metro area and the Missouri Lake area

Phone: 417-501-9937
Email: bradley-ashlyn@mssu.edu 

Ashlyn Bradley joined the admissions team in January 2020. She works with students from the Missouri Lake and Springfield Metro area.

Originally from Diamond, Missouri, Ashlyn graduated from Missouri State University in 2018. She majored in psychology and biomedical sciences.

Ashlyn’s hobbies are traveling, spoiling her dog and spending time with friends and family.

“I love meeting new people and learning what they are passionate about. One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is helping people reach their goals by getting a higher education at MSSU.” 

Jason Stockbridge
Regional Admissions Counselor

Tulsa, Oklahoma area

Phone: 918-212-6278
Email: Stockbridge-J@mssu.edu

Jason Stockbridge joined the admissions team in March 2020. He is regionally based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and works with students from Oklahoma and Texas. 

Originally from Sumter, South Carolina, Jason graduated from Lander University in 2006 with a BS in History and from Appalachian State University in 2013 with an MA in Higher Education Administration.

Jason’s hobbies include golf, yard work, cooking, road trips with his wife Laura and visiting national parks.

“As an admissions counselor, I am interested in your story and why you would like to become a part of the Lion Pride. I am excited to speak with you about the variety of majors MSSU offers, hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom, study abroad opportunities, and the different things to do and explore in Joplin. So, are you ready to stand above the crowd and roar?”

Keiki Misipeka
Regional Admissions Counselor

South Pacific Region, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam

Phone: 808-699-8723
Email: Misipeka-K@mssu.edu

Keiki Misipeka started at Missouri Southern State University in 2019. He joined the Admissions team in December 2020, after serving two years in the athletic department. He is regionally based in the South Pacific Region. He works with students from American Samoa, Hawaii and Guam.

Keiki is originally from the village of Fagatogo on the island of Tutuila, American Samoa. He graduated from Southeast Missouri State University and plans to pursue his master’s degree at MSSU.

Keiki’s hobbies include spending time with his family and working with the youth.

“When I first started in 2019, I met with former MSSU President Dr. Alan Marble. I had the opportunity to educate him about American Samoa. We are a US Territory, and the island is isolated in the South Pacific with limited resources. A few months later, MSSU administration approved all US Territories and Hawaii as part of the Lion Pride tuition program states.

“I believe in Missouri Southern, and I believe the university provides a solid academic foundation. When students graduate from MSSU, they will be well equipped for life challenges ahead of them.”

Lynsee DeGraw
Regional Admissions Counselor

Crowder College, Northwest Arkansas

Email: degraw-l@mssu.edu
Phone: 417-625-9364

Lynsee DeGraw joined the admissions team in February 2021. She works with students from Crowder College and Northwest Arkansas. Originally from Carl Junction, Lynsee received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from MSSU in 2018, as well as her Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pittsburg State University in 2020. Lynsee’s hobbies include DIY home improvement projects, furniture flipping, and interior design.

This is an exciting time for students, and being part of that process is equally exciting for me. It is incredibly rewarding to not only help students reach their goals, but also teach them about the great experiences and opportunities that Missouri Southern will provide along the way. I had an incredible experience at MSSU, and it is such an honor to help others get started on their own journey.